Copenhagen to Be the World’s First Carbon-Neutral Capital

While other countries debate whether to install wind turbines offshore or in remote areas, Denmark is building them right in its capital. Three windmills were recently inaugurated in a Copenhagen neighborhood, and the city plans to add another 97. “We’ve made a very ambitious commitment to make Copenhagen CO2-neutral by 2025,” Frank Jensen, the mayor, says. The city’s carbon-neutral plan, passed two years ago, will make Copenhagen the world’s first zero-carbon capital. Read more here.

Copenhagen wind turbines.

Copenhagen wind turbines.

“Design! Life Depends on It” – Ed Mazria’s Keynote Speech

Ed Mazria, Founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, delivered the keynote address at the AIA National Convention in Chicago in June 2014, and now you can watch it here. The short video, titled Design! Life Depends on It, lays out the blueprint for a carbon-free and just built environment by 2050, reviews the progress made in the building sector since issuing the 2030 Challenge in 2006, and outlines the critical role architects and designers must play in securing a livable future. Design! Life Depends on It is a call to action and a must-see for all those involved in planning and designing the built environment. Watch the video here.