Getting to Zero: Buildings, Transportation and Agriculture

In this third and final installment on Energizing the Real Green New Deal, we focus on specific incentives and actions for transforming the built environment, transportation, agriculture, and forestry to zero greenhouse gas emissions. With these specific actions, along with the others outlined in this three-part series, we can significantly reduce, and eventually eliminate, carbon […]

Financing Energy-Saving Improvements and Zero Energy Homes for All

Everyone agrees that many energy-saving improvements, such as adding insulation and high-efficiency heating systems, have benefits in the long run. These improvements benefit the contractors who install the improvements and the suppliers who provide the materials. Lenders make more money with lower risk because the borrowers have more stable monthly budgets. The money saved circulates […]

Zero Energy Homes – A Financial Win for Homeowners

It’s a common misconception that zero energy homes are all added cost, available only to those with cash to spare. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, everybody profits from zero energy homes. In Part One of this two-part series, we show how all homeowners profit financially from zero energy homes no […]

The Buying Power of Efficiency

The average home in the U.S. spends $2,200 on energy each year. That’s $183/month. Rather than spending this money on energy purchases, the smart approach is to invest it in greater energy efficiency. If you’re building a new home, it’s possible to reduce your energy purchases to zero with the buying power gained from that […]

Cost Less to Own

With cost-effective design and construction, the energy saving features and solar collectors for a zero energy home may add 5 to 10% over the cost of a similar-sized home built to code after incentives. However, the average monthly energy savings on the zero home will be significantly greater than the added monthly mortgage payment. As […]

Zero Energy Homes Cost Less to Own Than Standard Homes

When valuing a new highly energy efficient home, designers, builders, lenders, realtors and homebuyers usually speak in terms of “dollars per square foot” or the “pay back in years on the added costs of energy saving features”. They rarely consider the total cost of ownership of a new home. Yet, the total cost of ownership, […]