Boston Architectural College Sustainable Design Program

The online curriculum offered by the BAC is both comprehensive and responsive to each student’s interests and professional goals. Students come into the program from a wide range of backgrounds including design, environmental studies, and liberal arts training. Their courses can be taken individually or as part of an online, four semester, 33-credit Master’s degree program or as part of a 9-credit certificate in Sustainable Design. The 8-week, graduate-level courses are interactive, convenient and taught by industry experts.

Fall 2019 Session 01: August 26 – October 19

  • Greening Existing Buildings  |  SUS2025
  • Global Perspectives on Sustainable Design  |  SUS2016
  • Energy Modeling in Building Design  |  SUS2028
  • Green Practice: Energy and Air Quality Principles  |  SUS2029
Fall 2019 Session 02: October 21 – December 14
  • Sustainable Design and Preservation  |  SUS2014
  • Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities  |  SUS2040
  • Solar Energy: Design with the Sun  |  SUS2017
  • Design for Social Resilience  |  SUS2049
  • Renewable Energy Sources  |  SUS2050
  • Greening the City  |  SUS2026
  • Resilient Design  |  SUS2046


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