Selling the Sun: Establishing Value for Solar Homes

Gain a comprehensive technical understanding of residential, commercial and utility-scale solar-plus-storage systems, as well as expert insight on policy, financial models, and emerging markets and opportunities.

An expert in energy storage, instructor Wes Kennedy has been a key team member on some of the world’s most cutting edge solar-plus-storage projects.

This course covers everything from an overview of all types of energy storage technologies, to different battery chemistry pro and con, to applications of solar plus storage at the residential, commercial and industrial level, both on and off grid. Then we spend some time on regulations, codes and policies, then financial models. The course ends up with a capstone project whereby students prepare a complete proposal for one of the applications in the Solar plus Storage space.

Learning Objectives
  • Contemporary applications and equipment for stand-alone off-grid projects
  • Modern grid-connected residential applications
  • Grid-connected commercial and institutional storage markets
  • Applications and technologies for utility-scale energy storage systems
  • Power converters used in modern energy storage systems
  • Financial models emerging to drive the storage market forward
  • Local, state and national policies and programs impacting the energy storage market
  • What is real vs simply marketing hype

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